We will be conducting our first competition for the launch of our platform!

Everyone can participate and has to complete simple tasks such as following us on social media, like a post, retweet, etc...

There are really good prizes to win but you have the whole ICO period to complete them!

We are all about fairness, so we will be using https://givelab.com/ which will select impartially and randomly the winners of the competition.

We do not want to have a situation that will damage our reputation: a few projects got tangled in situations where their own team members won a competition.

This is why NO TEAM members of BitcoinBlink can participate in the competition (not even grandma)!

The rewards will be paid in Blink Stock Token (BSTK), and one of the tasks will require you complete a field with an Ethereum address so we can send you your price. 

This competition is to mainly drive people to the project, grow our brand exposure, our community, and global awareness.

Link to the challenge: giv.gg/bitcoinblink

Join & help us grow our community:


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