Buying cryptocurrencies with BitcoinBlink is really easy but it can be a bit confusing at first.

This step by step guide will guide you through the purchasing process of your crypto:

1°) Head to the Buy page here:

2°) Locate the big button "Buy with Credit or Debit card" on the top right.

3°) You will be redirected on this page:

4°) Select the cryptocurrency that you want to buy by clicking on " --Select Currency--" and selecting it from the scrolling down menu.

5°) For example we will select Bitcoin (BTC) and 0.025 BTC as the amount to purchase. 

6°) Then you will have to choose one of the three options: Crypto, USD & EUR.

If you select "Crypto", you will get a quote based on the amount of Crypto.

If you select "USD", you will get a quote in Dollar (USD).

If you select "EUR", you will get a quote in Euro (EUR).

Select the one that you want.

Then enter the amount of the crypto: it is how much of that crypto you want.

Then click the blue button "Get Quote".

7°) You will be shown how much you will receive in crypto, and how much it will cost you in USD

Note: if you select "Crypto", the quote will always be in USD.

If you agree, you can click the button "Buy".

8°) For the next example we are going to buy $300 of Bitcoin.

We select "USD" and then we enter "300" in the field.

Then we will click "Get Quote".


9°) A quote will appear showing how much we will receive in BTC in our wallet and how much it will cost.

If you agree, click "BUY".

10°) A pop up window will appear asking you to confirm your payment: 

You will find:

- How much crypto you will receive in your BitcoinBlink account

- Your email address (it is your BitcoinBlink ID on the platform)

- How much you will be paying for your crypto

You will have to confirm that you have read the "Disclaimer" (we advise you to read Simplex Terms of use).


11°) You will be redirected on Simplex for the rest of the process where you will enter your credit card details and pass their short verification process. 

Once you get your payment done with Simplex, you can check its status here: 

12°) You will also get an email from Simplex called "Payment Submitted" where you can see your Transaction ID (TX ID) as shown below:

 13°) You will be able to follow the transaction status on a similar window: 


note: at this point, you can just wait for the money to arrive on your BitcoinBlink account if it has been approved by Simplex.

14°) Once your payment has been approved by Simplex, you will receive automatically an email called "Payment Approved" where you will find: 

- How many cryptos you will get

- Where the cryptos will be delivered

- The link to the blockchain explorer of that crypto

note: in this example we got:

- 0.96113861 LTC (Litecoin)

- Delivered to this address MFeuQ95bA8jtaSCMgzuaSyHSzSz9JjuHT2  

- A link to the Litecoin (LTC) explorer: 

15°) You can check the blockchain explorer to see where your transaction is. 
In this example, because we bought LTC (Litecoin), we are using the Litecoin Explorer provided in the Simplex E-mail: 

The wallet address where the crypto ( 0.96113861 LTC  ) are being sent is MFeuQ95bA8jtaSCMgzuaSyHSzSz9JjuHT2

Enter in the top right the wallet address, press enter and all transactions associated with that address will appear.
We can see that the total amount of LTC (Litecoin) has arrived.

16°) You can now check your BitcoinBlink account and see that the transaction has also been credited on your account as shown below: 

About Simplex

Simplex is a FinTech company providing guaranteed fraudless payment processing solutions. Simplex processes credit card payments with a 100% zero fraud guarantee – in case of a chargeback, the merchant gets paid by Simplex. The cutting-edge Simplex fraud prevention solution and proprietary state-of-the-art AI technology stops fraudulent transactions and allows more legitimate ones to complete payments with ease and speed while increasing conversion rates and enabling merchants to focus on their business growth.

Simplex’s HQ is located in Israel, with subsidiaries in the UK, US, and Lithuania. Simplex was founded in 2014, and today works with some of the largest crypto exchanges, wallets, and platforms.

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