The network fee is a fee paid in cryptocurrency that is paid by the person who initiates a transaction (sending money from an address to another one).

This fee is paid to the miners who validate the transaction on the blockchain network. 

Depending on the amount that you wish to pay for a network fee, your transaction may take more time to be validated.

The lower the network fee the longest you will have to wait, the higher the network fee the fastest you will see your transaction confirmed.

The network fee is beyond BitcoinBlink control, and it is deducted from the final amount that you send to pay the miners.

E.G., As of the 29th of November 2019, the following transaction fee was for each blockchain the following: 

- Bitcoin: $0.39$

- Ethereum: $0.058$

- Bitcoin Cash (ABC): $0.006$

- Litecoin: $0.003$

- Ripple: $0.0002$

Here you can check the Network fee: 

Alternative link:,bch,ltc,eth,xrp_log=false_left=FeeMedUSD_zoom=1546300800000,1574985600000 

Note: The price of the network fee is always evolving, and we encourage you to check it regularly. 

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