A Phishing attack is the most common strategy by hackers to obtain your information by tricking you with a website, email, or messages that look like the legitimate website/person. 

The most common type of attacks:

- Clicking on a fake website link where one letter could be out of place, such as bitcoinbink.com (official website: bitcoinblink.com), where you will see a site similar, but the information that you will enter to log in to your account will go to the hacker. 

- Emails that pretend to be sent from BitcoinBlink, where users are asked to submit their wallet address along with their private key for X reason (usually a promotion too good to be true).

- A message that claims to be from BitcoinBlink and ask you for verification code, email, password, and other information to get into your account to steal your funds. 

To prevent an awful situation from happening, check our Security Tips.

Also, you have a look at this video to avoid Phishing attacks:


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