On an exchange, if a transaction is marked as "Success" or "Completed," it does not mean that the exchange has fully processed the transaction: it means that the transaction was posted on the blockchain. 

You will need to wait for a confirmation of the transaction. 

Different blockchains require a different amount of confirmation, and some blockchains are faster than others by design.

It may happen, rarely, that the blockchain gets congested and the transactions can take a lot longer to confirm. You can compare it to a traffic jam: the transaction will get arrive but slower. 

If a transaction is marked as "unconfirmed" be patient. 

If your transaction has been sent to BitcoinBlink and somehow you did not get credited for it, please send us ([email protected]) the following details: 

- Your Account ID

- The Transaction ID (TX ID)

- The type of Crypto that you sent


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