To deposit cryptocurrencies on your account, click on "ACCOUNT" on the top menu. 

You will be redirected to the following page:

Once you are in, choose the appropriate crypto that you wish to deposit in your wallet:

Make sure to choose the right wallet to deposit your crypto (here we choose BTC): If you want to deposit Bitcoin (BTC) select "RECEIVE".

Once you clicked on "Receive" you will be sent to 

(You will be redirected to a different link if you chose another crypto).

And this window will appear:

You will have two options here: 

- You can scan, using your smartphone camera, the QR code.


- You can "Copy" the address (click the button copy) and "Paste" it (Ctrl+V or Mouse Right-click "Paste").

Do not try to send crypto to another wallet: sending Bitcoin (BTC) to an Ethereum (ETH) wallet will not work, and you may lose your funds (usually the transaction will not take place, but it is better to be on the safe side).

If you are using another exchange and you want to deposit on your BitcoinBlink account, please follow these guidelines:


Send Crypto from Coinbase

Send Crypto from Coinbase Pro

Send Crypto from Binance

Send Crypto from Bittrex

Send Crypto from Bitfinex

Send Crypto from Huobi

Send Crypto from Gemini

Send Crypto from Kraken

If you already own crypto in your wallet and that you wish to transfer to your BitcoinBlink account, please follow these guidelines: 

Send Crypto from Enjin Wallet

Send Crypto from Ledger Wallet

Send Crypto from Metamask Wallet

Send Crypto from Edge Wallet

Send Crypto from Exodus Wallet

Send Crypto from MyEtherWallet (MEW)

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