BitcoinBlink is using leaders in their respectful filled to provide you with the best Stability, Scalability, and Protection when you are using the platform.

Your safety is important to us!

Below is a brief description of the Server Hosting platform (Digital Ocean) and the Server security that we use (Cloudflare). 

We are using the server hosting platform Digital Ocean for the stability and the scalability (high) of BitcoinBlink.

Hosting on Digital Ocean ensures smooth user experience and no lag between orders for our users all around the world.


BitcoinBlink is using the services of Cloudflare to protect its platform. 

Thanks to Cloudflare, we can have:

- An unmetered mitigate of DDoS attacks

- Prevention of malicious Bot Abuse

- Prevention of Customer Data Breaches

- Stability of the platform

- A PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance

- A Web Application Firewall

- A custom SSL EV Certificate (upload)

- A Global CDN


BitcoinBlink is certified McAfee Secure and TrustedSite.

McAfee and TrustedSite are scanning the platform to protect its users from:

- Viruses

- Phishing activities

- Malware activities

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Download the Chrome Extension for TrustedSite here: 

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