BitcoinBlink has a robust KYC in place to fight against Money laundering and Terrorism financing

We cannot and we will NOT accept clients that are on these lists!

We are using the services of the third party called MATI, to monitor clients in the database, and we check the following lists (more are continuously added):

Mexico PEP Lists

CIA World Leaders

EU Members of Parliament 

CoE Parliamentary Assembly

U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security - Denied Persons List

Australian Government Dept. of Foreign Trade & Affairs Sanctions Lists

INTERPOL Red Notices

UN Consolidated Sanctions

Swiss SECO Sanctions/Embargoes

OFAC Consolidated List

US Denied Persons List

GB Consolidated List of Targets

EEAS Consolidated List

Besides, we have hired a compliant officer with 12+ years of banking experience with a Master Degree in finance (he is also in charge of the Data protection of our users: GDPR). 

If you have any questions regarding the compliance, please email us at: 

[email protected]

To pass our KYC, click on the link below:


Note: our users' database is continuously monitored, and if a name were to appear on one list, we would be notified immediately even if that user has passed the KYC before.


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